If Disney Princesses Were Actually Sloths by Jen Lewis

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Give unto me.

Hey brawl……

Pinterest copycat recipe people, I do not get you. If it tastes “exactly like” whatever menu item from whatever restaurant, it cannot simultaneously also taste “10000x better” than said item. IT IS EITHER EXACTLY THE SAME OR IT IS AN IMPROVEMENT, IT CANNOT BE BOTH.

FFS, Skytrain’s broken AGAIN today? Translink needs to get their shit together D:<

Hard apple cider slushie :D

Man, that sucks. I am really lucky that I had a stable part time job before I went full time (granted, it was 40hr/week “part-time” with no benefits, but at least it was stable). I hope it works out alright!

yeah i mean, if i manage to stick around 6 months, i get health care benefits (extra health care? i’m in canada how does this work?) and if i’m around for a year i get dental and, like, paid vacation time and maternity leave and stuff; it’s not like a terrible company to work for or anything at all; i am just hella wigged out about this schedule thing >.<

like, bad history with jobs =/= this job is bad, but it makes me afraid that it is bad times masquerading as alright times because i have no idea how to tell. obviously i am very prone to worrying about everything, haha.

I feel like that about my part-time job. Only I get paranoid that I’m not doing a good job and instead of correcting me, they just don’t give me hours. It’s only happened twice in four months, though.

yeah i just am really maybe a little extra-freaked out about it because it’s what happened when i worked at moe’s, and that completely fucked up my financial situation. like, i had to take out student loans because they lied to me when they hired me and now i’m like 11 grand in debt, and a situation vaguely like this situation is where that snowball got rolling. hopefully i can check the tentative schedule for the following week tomorrow, and if it doesn’t look suitably stuffed full of hours, i can talk to a manager, who will hopefully reassure me that THIS IS NOT NORMAL and will not continue. but also i’m freaked out because i’m still in my probationary period and they can fire me for any reason (or no reason) that they want until that’s up, so i don’t want to complain about anything and i’m afraid that they’ve fired me and just haven’t told me yet or that they’re punishing me for something, like you said.

ugh, i’ve just had such shit luck with jobs and it has made me hella paranoid i guess.

getting really worried about work things: apparently i’m scheduled for no hours next week? is there a reason for this? i didn’t request time off. it was okay when it was like, oh, i have two weeks of 12-24 hours instead of 40 hours, hopefully this is a fluke but guess it’ll be nice have some fun time to do things, but now it’s REALLY WORRISOME. like guys i realize it’s a part-time job but that doesn’t mean it’s a NO-time job, right?






i have an idea for a website:

alright, you know how 7 people in the world are supposed to look like you or whatever

we make this website.

and people upload pictures of themselves and add characteristic tags or something (curly hair, brown eyes, etc) ((idk something like that))




We needthis

kill your double


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Woo camping was fun but honestly I am starting to question whether Canadians are as outdoorsy as the stereotype, because we couldn’t even find a campground without flush toilets.

Woo leaving to go camping (probably in the rain, but whatever, fuck you rain!) in a few hours :D :D :D